A Vintage Winter Wonderland


Update: I have decided to enter this look for “Project Run & Play” Season 9 Contestant Search! 

With much anticipation here is my entry for week one of Project Run & Play’s “Winter Wonderland”! I am really very proud of this ensemble.
The blazer is an Ottobre pattern from Autumn 2013, I altered it slightly by adding a button and binding the seams. I have found a new love for velvet and when I saw this deep purple velvet it screamed winter to me! Then I went from there, I chose a slightly different tone of purple satin to bias the seams and I have to say, it probably would’ve been easier and faster to do a lining in the blazer but once I decided, I committed and I love how it turned out! Though it would be okay if I never saw another piece of bias tape again! Which won’t happen because it works its’ way into everything I make!
Anyone who knows me as a sewist knows that I chose my fabric first and then let the vision happen. I’ve tried sketching a design and then choosing the fabric but it just doesn’t work for me. Probably because I am horrible at drawing and my sketches never represent my vision the way I want them to. So I just go with it. Fabric tends to be my inspiration for anything I make.
I purchased the purple velvet, purple satin, silver satin at the fabric store. The color, shine and texture felt like like a luxury winter to me. If that makes sense. The tweed I actually have had for almost two years. I never had the right vision to fit it into anything. I actually had always envisioned it to be a coat but when the time came it ended up turning into some beautiful wide leg cozy pants and hat. Both the pants, bow belt, shirt and hat are self drafted by me :)
So one day I was looking at some 1930’s vintage pictures on where else? Pinterest. I saw some beautiful woman’s pant suits so I kept looking and visioning, putting together my color scheme and this is what I came up with. I LOVE vintage looks.
I saw this dark silver satin at the fabric store and I knew I had to make something for “Winter Wonderland” out of it. So it turned into a beautiful flared shirt with a little slit and tie back on the left shoulder.
Well I made it. Almost 4 hours before the deadline at 8:00pm. I really felt like I was in a competition with time limits (kids) and pressure, and a few almost tears… lol! But I made it! Literally and I am super proud of this project and I really hope you enjoyed it too.
Thanks so much for stopping by Sew Straight & Gather!
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    Beautiful outfit! I too love all the textures. These pants are great; my daughter is developing a love for what she calls “skirt pants” (any wide legged pants); it would be fun to try to get her in a classy get up like this one; very nicely done!

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    This is such a beautiful outfit and I definitely see the vintage inspiration! I love sewing vintage inspired looks as well but usually for boys as that’s the model that is readily available. :) I seriously cannot say enough about your outfit…it is absolutely lovely!

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    Thank you so much Shelly, MJ and Sherri!

    The bias binding was a lot of work but totally worth it!

    Thank you sooooo much for all the comments! I LOVE READING THEM!

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      Oh my gosh! I love your blazer @thecrazytailor! There are so many beautiful submissions for PR&P I’m having a hard time keeping up with my comments! The bow and ruffled back are gorgeous! Envious!
      Thank you!

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    An adorable outfit, Terri!!! I’m always really pleased with a garment that brings me almost to tears in the making of it. Usually means I’ve made something out of my comfort zone and leant heaps along the way.

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    This is a beautiful outfit. I love velvet but it’s such a pain to work with. I made a blazer once and there were bits of velvet all over my house for weeks afterwards :)

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