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Hemlock Top And Magnolia Skirt Pattern

Today I am showing off the creation I made with Elegance & Elephants newest e-patterns – The Magnolia Skirt and the Hemlock Top. Heidi invited me to participate in her pattern tour and as always I immediately sent the email back with a Big YES! I am humbled and thankful that Heidi let’s me showcase her designs – honestly I am such a huge fan, I would showcase them on the blog even if she didn’t ask me!  I love Elegance and Elephant patterns, they are always the perfect pinch of class and comfort for any child! And for the tour, Heidi is giving everyone $1.00 off your pattern; enter the code TOUR at checkout!

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This a part of Elegance & Elephants collection of patterns are knit fabric based…YAY! i feel we all skills much i really like working with knits and every one of my patterns so far also are supported using knit. it’s honestly my one true love and ever since the invention of L’oiseaua Fabrics, it’s been very hard to place anything aside from knit fabric through my sewing machine! i will be able to start working with wovens again at some point , but only my knits run out!

So let’s start with the Hemlock Top – if you haven’t noticed by now, I mashed the two patterns together. I wanted to do something different but not so much that it took away from the very classic design of each pattern.The top was a ridiculously easy sew and the fit is impeccable. The flutter at the sleeve cap fit perfect and gives such a wonderful dimension to the design –

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I must note if you wanted a basic t shirt pattern with wonderful fit, you could easily leave the flutters out. The top comes with the option for a short or long sleeves and as fall slips by in Alberta and winter approaches, I thought a long sleeve to be suitable for this dress.

Both the Hemlock and the Magnolia were so well done, not only their design but also in the clarity of the instructions and pattern piece fit. I love the simplicity that Heidi brings to her patterns, they are not over bombarded with definitions and sometime useless jargon that can really cloud a pattern and sometimes make it look very overwhelming. Her patterns are clear and concise but also leave no room for guessing.

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The Magnolia Skirt is next!! This skirt is AMAZING!! What I didn’t realize until I opened my pattern PDF was that it had been gored skirt. A gored skirt by definition may be a skirt made from “triangled like” shaped pieces sewn together in order that it’s fitted at the waist and flared at rock bottom . This creates a gorgeous A-line shape to the skirt and provides an exquisite fit. you’ll calculate Heidi to use a classic technique for her patterns. This skirt may be a six gored skirt, i think that you simply can go up to eight or more – but don’t quote me thereon . Either way this pattern are going to be a staple within the “basic all the time use” computer folder.

Now onto the mash- up! First, you may notice that the skirt doesn’t have quite as much flair as some of the images in Elegance and Elephants skirts..why is that?.. because I took a gore out…why again?…because I wanted to see what would happen..LOL! Admittedly I have never sewn a gored skirt, I wanted to omit the waist band but keep a nice fit through the hips and well voila, taking a gore out does that!

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These patterns have lots of potential and huge everyday wear-ability! Freyja just loves hers and I have a few more almost finished in my “5 projects on the go” basket. Because of the gores on the Magnolia you can play with fabric combinations and patterns, which is always so much fun! And with the Hemlock you can make it beautifully simple or throw a big punch of color or pattern into it. I think I may add a waist band to the bottom of my next one…ideas, ideas!!!