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New Feature – YouTube Comment Search

Unless You’re trapped Inside a cave to The last few decades YouTube is your movie sharing website that was made back in 2005 and is now the leader in seeing and sharing videos that are online.

As time YouTube was slowly Adding features to the website, among the latest ones and also my personal favourite is your YouTube Comment Search.The reason this attribute is one of my own Favorites is because quite frequently a gem could be discovered at the comments that could put a smile on my head.

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Take note The YouTube Comment Hunt is Still not entirely fleshed out and remains a work advancement. After the page is loaded there will only be 5 page of outcomes. The results will be listed from best rated comment to lowest ranked comment. Clicking some of the comments will open the movie page that the comment has been made on, showing the video, the comment that lead you there along with other top comments.

The first pool of comments recorded will probably be Arbitrary and changes every couple of hours. This means that when a search term is entered, such as”apple” the attribute will only search at the pool of outcomes at that time. This means that if you were to search the term” apples” now then searched”apple” tomorrow the outcomes will not be the exact same.

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The search query is also set to Exact Meaning that searching”apple” will not show results for”apples”. Another feature of the search results is that in case the comment is too long, the articles will probably cut away at a specific point and the only way to see the full comment is to click on the comment and visit the video page.

If there is more than 5 pages of results, Only the first five pages will be shown. But this can be bypassed by making a Change in the URL