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Girls Uptown-Downtown Dress Testers

Good Day Everyone!! Today’s post is all about the testers! What a tremendous bunch they are! many thanks for testing the Uptown/Downtown and helping me make it spotless — can’t roll in the hay without you!Before We Get To All Or Any The Amazing Photos — Please Read These Important Notes With Regard To The Update/Revision First!

If you’ve got purchased the first Uptown/Downtown girls dress pattern from 2014 — you receive a FREE update! for patrons who purchased the pattern right here in my shop, please check your account for the update. The file name is “Girls.Uptown/Downtown.2016.Final”. If you acquired the pattern on ETSY, please check your inbox and/or junk folder. It should be waiting there for you!

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If you recognize you bought this pattern and haven’t received the update yet — be happy to contact me with testimony of purchase (paypalreciept, order number), i will be able to assist you find it. I ask that you simply give me 24hrs to reply and inspect.

Why Did You Update The Pattern You Ask?

Well there have been several cause why I updated the pattern. The Uptown/Downtown was my one of the very first pattern, many work was poured into it and for the foremost part it had been done alright . But, now that I even have been drafting, designing and learning consistently for nearly three years, I saw room for enhancement in many areas. the foremost important area was the neckline — though it had been hit and miss counting on the customer, some people where finding it too wide. I knew I could fix it so it might be hit whenever then I did!

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I also wanted to match the instructions to my current branding/format/layout and style . I’ve added clickable links everywhere, improved the tutorial, tips, size charts, formatted it to be a no-trim pattern and far more. I also wanted to extend the dimensions range to match the opposite patterns in my shop — which go up to 14Y . It also gave me the chance to feature another design detail “Clean Finish Tank” and a few proper binding tutorials. Some items from the first are omitted (lace overlay, reversible, color-blocking), I decide to do some tutorials on the blog for the various many modifications which will be done to the present pattern. My brain overflows with all the creative modification possibilities and if I had to included all of them within the instructions, it might are hard to navigate. i actually didn’t want to confuse a really simple and straightforward pattern into a difficult to decipher one.

Cousu Collection Pattern Release Day

Today is the day!!! I am finally releasing The Cousu Collection and I couldn’t be more excited! I hope you are too!

I started these patterns in December of 2014 and they have gone from concept to reality in just under four months. Perfecting the design of these patterns with it’s unique details was my mission for this collection and it truly came to fruition through countless mock ups, alterations and development of the Sew Straight Pattern Co. brand.

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My goal for this collections was not only to create some exceptional pattern designs but to also give my instruction and graphic layout a complete make over. I wanted to solidify my brand as a designer and also give you a product that was engaging to the eye and easy to follow.

My AMAZING group of testers truly allowed my designs to come to life! Through their feedback, talent, beautiful finished garments and some fabulous photos, I was able to tweak and alter the patterns to perfection. I am so glad with the end result and the product that will be delivered to you!

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You will be able to purchase the patterns individually and as a collection in the Shop. There are lots of images and all the sizing charts are available in the thumbnail photos. Feel free to look over and see what works for you.

For release I will be offering all patterns 25% off until April 4th  . You can’t have a release without a sale! And my previous patterns are still 50% off for the Riley Blake “Knit Love Blog Tour” until April 2nd.Feel free to contact me at Sewstraightandgather(at)gmail(dot)com for any pre-sale questions.

Take a look at some of the amazing finished garments below. My testers were truly amazing and more importantly happy with what they were sewing.

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