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The Girls Uptown-Downtown Pattern Featuring AGF

The Uptown/Downtown Dress was my one of the very first design as an indie pattern designer almost three years ago — I can’t believe it’s been almost three years! WOW! This pattern still holds the highest spot as “Most Popular” design from Sew Straight and Gather and that i think due to it’s classic and simplistic design — it’ll stay therein spot for an extended time to return . I’ve received such a tremendous response to the present pattern over the previous couple of years and notably over the previous couple of days, my bucket is overflowing.

Image result for The Girls Uptown-Downtown Pattern Featuring AGFI actually can’t tell you ways great it feels to understand sewists everywhere are making these awesome dresses for his or her little girls — more importantly your little girls are overwhelmingly loving them! Now that the dimensions range has gone up to 14Y, everyone gets a couple of more years with them before they need to travel up to Ladies sizes — but let’s not believe that — I’m already having a tough time coming to terms with the very fact my last little baby is popping into a touch lady right before my eyes, i want an interruption button.

I mentioned hitherto why I wanted to update the pattern during this post. Though not all my patterns will got to be updated, i actually believe there’s always room for hike, whether it’s in knowledge/education, design/layout or simply within the creation of a far better experience. I consistently push myself to require things to subsequent level and am constantly evolving my craft and my business to make that ideal experience for you. the top result for the ultimate 2016 UT/DT update was an excellent achievement, looking back on the first , I can truly see the evolution.

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Today is additionally about my fabric sponsor AGF or gallery Fabrics. I’ve compiled a touch showcase of my Uptown/Downtown dresses for you featuring the knit provided to me. I even have a review for you at the top of the photo bomb!Enjoy!

Art Gallery Fabrics is far and away one among my favorite fabrics companies. I’m constantly expecting new designs each season and patiently await their “coming soon” fabrics to arrive.

I approached gallery last year once I was designing the Womens Uptown/Downtown apparel. I had fashioned with their cottons and knits a couple of times previously and was already crazy with the hand and quality of the material — so I sent an email to Walter Bravo asking if the corporate would really like to figure with me and if I could feature the material in my patterns. I meekly waited and by my computer for a response and when Walter said yes (and I didn’t tell him this) i used to be jumping off the walls! I picked my fabric then patiently waited by my mailbox. it had been like Christmas morning when it arrived..seriously you recognize the sensation right?

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One of the main qualities of those fabrics and therefore the company, is that they are consistent. the material is usually soft, features a good weight and delightful drape, the material you get is usually an equivalent through and thru regardless of which design you select .

Art Gallery has been ready to grow their business with an boundless amount of teamwork and community, from the cooperation of husband and wife to the cu ration of some remarkably creative and talented fabric designers, to comply with little pattern shops and blogs like me. They really foster the stitching community and supply a high quality product for us to figure with.

This fabric is sincerely (in my opinion) the simplest fit the Uptown/Downtown apparel. I do warn though test twice before you narrow — I even have never been so careful when cutting fabric as i’m with AGF knit. Why? Because it’s that special stash fabric, the things you but the right project.